i 3 = intrinsic+ insight+ intelligent


Meaning: Belonging naturally, essentially wholly within the individual


Meaning: The capacity to gain and accurate and deep intuitive understanding of a person or thing


Meaning: Acquiring the ability to apply knowledge and skills

There are 3 Fundamental Processes…

that evolve through i 3 coaching. I always start with the simple yet complex question, “What are you wanting?”This profound question elicits thinking that is intrinsic and evolving. It is at the beating heart of the coaching process.  This beating heart question brings insight and intelligence.

Intrinsic coaching is an asset approach, maintaining the belief that a person is cable, creative and complete. The coaching process harnesses these abilities to explore new, forward thinking knowledge. The coaching conversations are goal focused as opposed to problem focused. The intrinsic process organically enhances best thinking which is opened, flexible and evolving.

My goal in the coaching process is to help you explore and develop your personal and/or business goals. A guided, exploratory process of thought and actions that moves you in the direction of “all you are wanting” for yourself in your life.  I have over25 years of behavioral health and coaching experience. I will bring my knowledge and tools to help you shape the changes you want.

One of the tools I use to facilitate the intrinsic coaching process is the Hartman Value Profile. This is a “thinking tool” which will help us understand how your value- based thinking guides your decisions and actions. It offers multi-dimensional feedback on how you’re inner and outer world merge in your thinking process.  This tool can be used for personal, professional and organizational development.  It is an invaluable guide for the intrinsic coaching process that provides a framework for understanding your uniqueness.


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